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Welcome to Big City Tutoring

Big City Tutoring is based out of the New York City and Greater Boston area. We provide one-on-one academic support for students of all ages from grade school through college. Our objective is not only to improve our students' grades but also to help each student master the skills necessary to learn the subject on their own while improving their academic performance.

What We Do

At Big City Tutoring we understand the importance of developing students' study and test preparation skills while keeping our clients motivated positive thinkers. We offer a full range of academic and counseling services including math, language arts, social sciences, science, essay writing, foreign languages, college admission and standardized test preparation.

What We Offer

* In Home Tutoring
* Free Consultation
* Reasonable Rates
* Standardized Test Preparation
* Certified New York State Teachers
* Special Education Services
* Group Sessions for Reduced Rates
* Foreign Language Services For All Ages
* Great Customer Support