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About Us

At Big City Tutoring we offer customized lesson plans tailored around each student's individual needs. We differentiate ourselves from the competition not only because of our wide array of services but because we don't have an ideological set of teaching methods like other tutoring companies. After consulting with the students and their families to find the appropriate match we design the lesson plan based on each student's situation and need. Established in 2007, Big City Tutoring offers tutoring services in all 5 New York City Boroughs.

Our Dedication

If students have not yet reached their goals, it is our responsibility as academic mentors to figure out how to get them there. Our dedication to our students is the most effective way to inspire them.

Through our vigorous selection process, all the tutors at Big City Tutoring possess the academic knowledge, credentials and personality traits to relate to the students and motivate them. Our tutors are extremely flexible and will accommodate your schedule. Whether it's a one time visit or ongoing weekly sessions we will schedule sessions to suit your needs.

Who We Are

Our staff consists of a consortium of highly qualified academic tutors who are truly dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals in their schooling and future academic career. Our tutors are composed of an assortment of experienced teachers with graduate degrees from top universities. Each tutor at Big City Tutoring teaches their respective subjects in an interesting and effective manner and are outgoing, caring and friendly people.